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Newbie and Some Chlex Banners 'R' [28 Jul 2008|06:12pm]

Hiya, just joined the community and wanted to contribute two manips I made a few days ago. I've been a Lex and Chloe fan since season 5, and it started from the moment I saw them onscreen. Plus, one of my friends got me into Chlex fanfiction, so my obsession grew from there.

I have a lot of Lex, Chloe, and Chlex art that I hope to post, but I'm gonna start with these two banners. They were inspired by a story called 'Trouble with the Sweet Stuff' by ChloeLovesLex at Naughty-Seduction.

'R' because of the suggestive nature of Chloe's outfits.

Name: Esther
Alias(es): lone_starling88 (LJ) and Esther25jm (Naughty-Seduction)
Location: USA
Favorite character/cast member (do not have to be the same): Lex/Michael Rosenbaum
Favorite ship: Chlex

-Please credit me and tell me if you take anything.
-Don't alter my art in any way, this includes my manips.
-Comments are love.

Thank you!!

Trouble with the Sweet Stuff...
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sorry, i have been seriously neglecting this comm... [11 May 2006|01:52am]

i have a whole bunch of stuff to post. i promise i will get to it as soon as i can. i have to go out of town until monday so it might be like monday or tuesday night. just thought i would post this in case anyone stopped by here or was wondering what was up. many thanks to byammnt for the first non-mod post back in february! ^_^
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[18 Feb 2006|10:45am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Okay, this will be a lot, just a warning. lol. New here (had another journal as Openarms4clay, so if you knew me there, you might recognize some icons), so I'm gonna go ahead and post EVERY Smallville-related Icon I have. I have wallpapers and stuff like that, as well, but I'll post those later.

Onto the.. Smallville Icons!

When using, please remember:
♥ Comment and Credit (byammnt on LJ, byamoment on GJ)
♥ No Hotlinking
♥ Enjoy

Icons include: Chloe (6), Chloe & Lois (12), Clana (67), Clois (4), Lana (114), and Lois (88).

Enjoy!Collapse )

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more k-site challenges [17 Feb 2006|01:25am]

here are my entries for the newest challenges that have ended:

possessed character and general comic book character wallsCollapse )

possessed character and general comic book character bannersCollapse )

possessed character and general comic book character avatarsCollapse )

and an extra image i did for the general comic book character thing that was not actually an entryCollapse )
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my smallville art [26 Jan 2006|01:10am]

i decided to redo the way i am posting these things. for right now, i am going to post everything i have done for challenges up to this point and after this point, i will post them as they end since we are not allowed to post them anywhere while a poll is running. so here are all the things i have made for challenges over at kryptonsite (a.k.a. ksite):

wallsCollapse )

bannersCollapse )

avatarsCollapse )

otherCollapse )

feedback is always welcome, and if you use anything please let me know or in the least credit me in your keywords or with a little blurb if used anywhere besides lj. do not take credit for any of my work or repost in a gallery without my permission.
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[04 Jan 2006|04:01am]

Welcome to Smallville Fan Creations. The profile page pretty much sums it up. Anything goes here as long as you follow the rules outlined on the profile page. They are pretty much standard fandom etiquette, but I posted them just in case. Over the next couple of days I will be making the community a little nicer and be posting some of my creations. Please introduce yourself when you join even if you do not have any creations to post. Here is a little survey to give you some ideas, or you can just post your own introduction:

Name: razberrygrrl
Alias(es): donellacandra (on kryptonsite)
Location: USA
Favorite character/cast member (do not have to be the same): Lex/Michael
Favorite ship: Chlex (although closely followed by Clex)

That is all for now.

Welcome to the community,
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